Welcome to Hahaione Elementary School

Located in the picturesque valley of Hawaii Kai, Hahaione Elementary School is a proud IB World School committed to delivering a comprehensive International Baccalaureate education to young learners. Our school fosters a nurturing environment that embraces the cultural diversity and unique spirit of our community. In case you need some sort of help you can always find a way to write essays for money.

Hawaii School


Our IB Elementary Program

At Hahaione Elementary, we are dedicated to creating a vibrant learning environment that promotes inquiry-based learning and fosters curiosity. As an authorized IB elementary school, our curriculum is designed to build global awareness and critical thinking skills, preparing our students not just for the next step in their academic journey, but for a productive and fulfilling life.

Academic Calendar

Stay updated with all the important dates and events throughout the school year by referring to our DOE Academic Calendar. From the start of the school year to elementary graduation, our calendar helps families keep track of holidays, parent-teacher conferences, and other key events that enhance our students’ educational experience.

School Lunch Program

Our Hawaii school lunch program offers nutritious and delicious meals prepared with care to fuel our students throughout their day. We are committed to providing healthy food choices that meet the dietary needs and preferences of all students, ensuring they have the energy to learn and play.

I'm Ready Hawaii

Embracing the “I’m Ready Hawaii” initiative, we encourage our students to be prepared, resilient, and proactive in their education and community involvement. This program supports our school’s commitment to developing lifelong learners who are ready to meet the challenges and opportunities of a changing world.

Elementary School Graduation

A milestone event, our elementary school graduation celebrates the achievements of our students as they complete their primary education. This joyous occasion marks a significant step in their lifelong journey of learning and personal growth.

Join Our Community

At Hahaione Elementary School, we believe in the power of community involvement and welcome families to participate in various school activities and programs. Together with https://studyfy.com/ we can support our students in achieving their full potential.

Helpful Resources

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